February Storage Units

February Storage Units

Freedom Storage Units- Alma

10'x20' Storage Unit- Items Left Behind by Renter • 7’x10’ Storage Unit- Matthew Freed • 7'x10' Storage Unit- Brandon Sanders • 7'x10' Storage Unit- Nathaniel Markham Risley • 10'x10' Storage Unit- Bradley Snyder • 10'x24' Storage Unit- Victoria Bertoni • 10'x24' Storage Unit- Brian Thompson.

• You will have 1 week to clean out the units after the auction!

• You will need to Pay the Storage Unit Company a $50.00 CASH DEPOSIT prior to cleaning!

• You will get the name and phone number of the Storage Company at the time of Payment!

• All invoices will be due the week of the Online Auction Payable at our Building in St. Louis.

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